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Jennifer, USA – Raw Health Coach

Jennifer, USA

Jennifer, USA
December 14, 2020 Stacey
Stacey Carl was recommended by my daughter’s eczema specialist after we had hit an emotional brick wall with my daughter.  As she was detoxing physically, she was also detoxing an immense amount of emotion – too much for a 7 year old to process.

After only one session with Stacey, which actually focused on my own energy, we saw a big positive difference in both my daughter and myself. The second session, which focused solely on my daughter, was a turning point.  Her emotional state has improved dramatically and along with it her physical issues are beginning to resolve as well.  We just had session 3, again focused on my daughter, and she is currently integrating.  When we work on my daughter, Stacey is using me as a surrogate.  My daughter is not even in the room!  It’s amazing!

This testimony is coming from a complete skeptic. Up until this point I have steered clear of almost anything energy-related – partly from not understanding it and partly because I needed to work it out with my personal faith.  God is good and has led me to Stacey to help me and my family.  I pray that more & more families can heal with Stacey’s guidance.