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Hi! I’m Stacey, I am a Progressive & Spiritual Kinesiologist, Quantum Energy Healer, Raw Vegan Nutritionist and Herbalist based in Colchester, Essex and work with clients worldwide via zoom and also in person.

I help others move forward in their healing journey and my aim is to get you noticeable results in the shortest amount of time possible to achieve optimum health, alignment and empowerment.

Kinesiology is the most phenomenal modality on the planet, we have the ability to check what the body needs, emotionally, energetically, structurally, biochemically and spiritually. This is done using muscle testing to tap into your energy.

All of your issues are a culmination of everything you have been through in life and have suppressed deep in the body. Your body knows exactly how it got into a mess and your body will present the priority issues that need addressing first, as we work together to unravel and rewire your circuitry. Everything that is keeping you away from what you want to achieve is buried in your subsconscious.

Kinesiology is perfect, therefore, for accessing the subconscious parts of you, which helps avoid the guesswork, to reveal the hidden blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, patterns and sabotaging behaviours we hold within us. Once a block is identified we are able to release this instantly using a variety of techniques.

This healing modality does not require us to delve too deeply into the details of any past traumas as it is not necessary or required in order to bring healing to an issue.

I specialise in

Acute & Chronic Health Conditions

Anxiety & Depression

Clearing emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs

Digestive Health

Past life and Ancestral healing

Raw Vegan & Plant Based Nutrition

Sexual Trauma

Skin health

Spiritual & Personal Development

Weight Management

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Do you want to be free from chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression? 

Are you feeling stuck or lost in your life and unsure of your life purpose?

Do you attract a lot of bad situations and people into your life?

Do you feel like your body and health have spiraled out of control?

Are you the King or Queen of self-sabotage?

Do you want to release and let go of past hurt and trauma and step into a place of empowerment?

Are you an Empath with poor boundaries, low self-worth and absorb everyone’s negativity like a sponge?

Do you want to reverse a health condition?

Are you struggling with losing weight and not seeing the results you desperately want?

Do you want to finally clear food and substance addictions at the root?

Would you like help with knowing which foods and supplements are right for your body?

Would you like to clear the blocks stopping you receiving the abundance you deserve and have money flow into your life?

Are you a light-worker who needs help releasing the blocks and barriers to your next level?


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Recent Articles

The Truth about Detox and Disease

The body is designed to eliminate any disease and does it’s best at protecting us by storing these toxins in our fat cells.  This is the safest place to store them and so is generally why people cannot lose weight or why they plateau in their weight loss because the body needs the fat cells to store this waste otherwise it can get re-released into the bloodstream and can cause more issues and so the body, in its effort to protect us, will stop you losing weight.

The Road to Raw

Raw, living whole food prevents and in many cases reverses diseases like arthritis, pain, allergies, digestive ailments, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, skin problems, autoimmune disorders and even cancer – which are considered lifestyle diseases, as they were relatively rare one hundred years ago until we started processing our food. Instead of aches, pains, fatigue and illness you can invest your energy into pursuing your dreams and living life to the fullest.

Got yeast?

Candida Albicans is an aggressive fungus commonly found in the birth canal, intestines and mouths of healthy humans, yet can become problematic after the usage of antibiotic, contraceptive pills and HRT, stress or consuming sugar excessively. It is a very common yet almost always undiagnosed condition that many of us are suffering with. Many of us have no idea that this gut yeast can be the underlying cause to most of our health issues.

  • Sharon, UK
    Sharon, UK
    After years of struggling with bloating and discomfort associated with food I sought the help of Stacey. The advice and help she gave me was brilliant. She suggested making a few changes to my diet and although I am not fully vegan the difference to my health is staggering. I no longer suffer with bloating, my hair and skin improved and I have more energy – I simply feel fantastic and enjoying food like never before. I would recommend her services to everyone, the positive results I have experienced since adopting the new approach to food and diet have been life changing.
  • Jennifer, USA
    Stacey Carl was recommended by my daughter's eczema specialist after we had hit an emotional brick wall with my daughter.  As she was detoxing physically, she was also detoxing an immense amount of emotion - too much for a 7 year old to process. After only one session with Stacey, which actually focused on my own energy, we saw a big positive difference in both my daughter and myself. The second session, which focused solely on my daughter, was a turning point.  Her emotional state has improved dramatically and along with it her physical issues are beginning to resolve as well.  We just had session 3, again focused on my daughter, and she is currently integrating.  When we work on my daughter, Stacey is using me as a surrogate.  My daughter is not even in the room!  It's amazing! This testimony is coming from a complete skeptic. Up until this point I have steered clear of almost anything energy-related - partly from not understanding it and partly because I needed to work it out with my personal faith.  God is good and has led me to Stacey to help me and my family.  I pray that more & more families can heal with Stacey's guidance.
  • Jan, UK
    Jan, UK
    Stacey Carl, has changed my life, I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic, I was 14 stone, way over my correct weight, until finding out I was diabetic, I just ate what I wanted, I know it was too much weight, but closed my mind to it, I contacted Stacey, because I was so scared to be diabetic, Stacey was just amazing, I must have asked 100's of questions, and each time, Stacey advised encouraged and supported me, my diet changed, as did my mind set. I felt better, lost some pounds, and then, I was stunned, I did not want snacks, I did not crave chocolate (I was a chocoholic) cakes, sweets, biscuits, everything I needed was there in plant form, after almost 3 months of being Vegan, I have lost almost a stone, but have lost it slowly, so it will stay off, I have more energy, my depression has lowered beyond belief, BP is good, and sugar levels lowering, I am now cutting statins down, slowly, and still I ask questions and still Stacey replies quickly and with good humour and kindness, this is one honest caring lady, who want's to help us to be well, and at the same time what we eat is healing our bodies, so no need to have so many medicines from the doctor, its changed my life for the better I am 66, so its never too late to make a change, talk to Stacey and you can make the change too, safe in the knowledge that Stacey will always care and advise you, if I had to score Stacey out of ten it would be 10 every time, good luck
  • Clara, Denmark
    Stacey has helped me tremendously, by using her unique techniques. She helps to remove blockages from the subconscious and create a new “memory”. This is powerful stuff and I have felt great relief in both body and mind after a few sessions with Stacey! She has also given me very useful information about my diet and what nutrition I needed. This has been a big deal of confusion for me for years and I am so thankful to know what is best for my body. Thank you Stacey! X
  • Saia, Texas
    It's hard to summerize everything Stacey has done for me, as much of it cannot be quantified. For the last decade, I have suffered from chronic conditions. Allopathic medicine only medicated my symptoms and created new problems (side effects) along the way. Eastern medicine, chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists and other alternative practitioners provided relief, but still could not cure me. Around 6 weeks ago, fate led me to Stacey. In the few weeks I have been under Stacey's care, my health has shifted in incredible ways. I can see that I am finally healing. Stacey has detected nutritional deficiencies, parasites, toxicities, traumas stored in my body, energy reversals and more. She has become a friend, a spiritual mentor and a beacon of knowledge to me. She has opened my eyes and mind to ancient truths. I have become a better mother, partner and human thanks to her healings. Stacey is a gifted healer and I am truly grateful for having her in my life.
  • Fiona, UK
    In March 2017 I went to Rome for a romantic anniversary with my partner and ended up being admitted to Hospital in agonising pain. It wasn’t until I got home and went to the Hospital here that I was advised I had severe anaemia and fibroids so large they were equivalent to a 17 week pregnancy. This caused me to gain weight, I was lethargic, had very heavy periods that lasted for 2 weeks at a time, I was restless, suffered from chronic back pain and low concentration. I was told my symptoms would only be resolved by having a hysterectomy and I was given tablets to reduce my symptoms until the operation took place. I decided that I didn’t want my womb removed and sought help from Stacey as I was aware of her work and knew people she had previously treated successfully. I had a one to one meeting with Stacey advising of my condition and how I felt and she wrote a diet plan specially for me. Within months of following this plan I had energy, lost weight, my concentration increased, I wasn’t in pain and my periods were not as heavy or long. I feel like I have a better body and the best part is my fibroids have shrunk and are continually shrinking. With the progress I have made it means that I now don’t have to have a hysterectomy! The advice and nutrition plan have saved my womb hurrah! I am so pleased with my results so thank you Stacey