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The Truth about Detox and Disease – Raw Health Coach

The Truth about Detox and Disease

The Truth about Detox and Disease
May 8, 2018 Stacey

Our modern lifestyles with the increased use of prescription medications, processed chemical laden foods and beverages, contaminated water and heavy metals along with radiation and pesticides from our environment and negative emotional patterns and stress are all overloading our bodies with toxins.

Generally people have more toxins going in than going out and so these toxins usually end up getting stored in our fat cells to protect us. This is “waste” that the body just doesn’t know how to deal with or eliminate so this waste creates an ideal breeding ground for microbes such as bacteria, viruses, worms, fungus and yeasts. You in turn get reduced energy, inflammation, reduced cell function, premature aging, inflammation, nutrient deficiency and start to attract disease.

Where does the body store these toxins

The body is designed to eliminate any disease and does it’s best at protecting us by storing these toxins in our fat cells.  This is the safest place to store them and so is generally why people cannot lose weight or why they plateau in their weight loss because the body needs the fat cells to store this waste otherwise it can get re-released into the bloodstream and can cause more issues and so the body, in its effort to protect us, will stop you losing weight.

If the fat cells become too over laden then it is left up to other cells and organs in the body to try and store all this waste. This then falls onto the job of the liver to deal with, which is a relatively safe storage area, however, it is not meant for toxin storage and so whilst trying to deal with all the toxins cannot complete its other important functions in the body. The liver then becomes overwhelmed which can lead to hormone imbalances and as the liver deals with the bad toxins such as uranium, mercury and pesticides, when it can’t deal with them it forms a layer of bile and fat around the toxin because it has no idea what to do with it.

We can have in excess of 2000 stones present in our liver full of toxic matter.

The thyroid then comes into play drawing toxins to it like a magnet which can cause severe problems. Then it moves onto the skin cells, areas of damage, the reproductive organs, breasts and so on. Wherever the body stores these toxins is ultimately where you are going to have issues.

These issues can include;

Skin problems

Digestive problems



Brain fog

Recurring infections

Hormonal imbalances

Low energy

Being under or overweight



Circulation problems

And more…

You need to get this waste out and once you detox and begin to release these stored toxins safely you will soon start to experience;

More energy

Clearer skin

Stronger immunity

Lose weight

Improved digestion

Hormonal balance

Look and feel younger

Clarity of thinking

Feeling lighter

Increased vitality



Detox is therefore the process of releasing more toxins out than you have coming in and is highly beneficial but it needs to be done correctly. It is not a quick fix and you should be well prepared or seek the advice of a healthcare professional to support and guide you.

We can often enter into these things without a lot of forethought, understanding, planning or strategy, with no support and lack of motivation to keep going.

Eating well, stopping drugs, exercising better, taking supplements or herbs is not enough. It is a myth that taking one of the many products on the market will detox you or the fact that you simply need to do a 3, 7 or 21 day cleanse. This principle does not work and just like your house you have to keep cleaning it daily along with the occasional deep clean. It is a part of being alive and having a body.

A great way to start your journey back to good health would be by avoiding all animal products, only eating organic, eating raw and having seasonal colonic hydrotherapy sessions to keep the colon clean and clear. Once the colon is clean then this as an elimination channel is clear for releasing the built up waste and toxins more efficiently as you begin your detox journey.

Real detox is a transformative, liberating, empowering and enlivening experience and will create profound shifts in your life.